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Enabling More Sustainable Agriculture Practices to Face the Challenges of Tomorrow

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the world’s population is forecast to reach 9.1 billion by 2050 - 34 percent higher than today. This means that satisfying the world’s expected food demand over the next three decades will require an estimated 70 percent increase in global food production.

Feeding the world will demand a concerted approach that balances environmental impact, decrease in resource consumption, accelerated innovation, and growing consumer demand for safer and more sustainable agriculture.

For the agricultural sector, the journey of continuous progress goes beyond business innovation and growth to reach a world connected to nature and the inherent need to preserve resources to create sustainable shared value for the future.

Syensqo takes an active part in addressing the sector’s many challenges by promoting the advancement of sustainable agriculture practices.

With a passion for chemistry, a commitment to the environment, and know-how in the advantages of sustainable agriculture, Syensqo is a  leading innovator and supplier of sustainable specialty chemical solutions and digital agriculture technology. Our customers can rely on long-standing formulation expertise, a global manufacturing footprint, and superior Research and Innovation (R&I) capabilities.

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Extensive Portfolio to Help the Global Agricultural Industry

Higher performance and productivity: meeting the needs of the growing global population will demand significant increases in food production. Major crop performance improvements will be particularly crucial in a world where 50 percent of habitable land is used for agriculture and one-third of the food produced goes to waste. Syensqo offers a range of products and solutions that enable all segments of the agricultural industry to improve productivity ─ from crop protection to plant nutrition and grain and seed care ─ and usher in more sustainable agricultural practices. By supporting the development and advancement of equipment and digitization that will herald a new era of agriculture, Syensqo is also helping the industry forge the arrival of Agriculture 4.0, the future of farming technology.

Nutrition, health and food safety: the current trend of an increasingly informed consumer base demanding higher safety, health and nutritional standards in food supply, means the food industry must now fully focus on sustainable agriculture. Creating eco-friendly, non-toxic chemical solutions to help the agricultural sector optimize performance and productivity while protecting consumer health and preserving the planet are integral to Syensqo's commitment to advance the principles of sustainable agriculture.

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Sustainable Use of Resources

The global agricultural sector is responsible for about 12% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (World Resources Institute), 80% of the world’s deforestation (REDD+) and 70% of all water withdrawals (World Bank Group Water Global Practice). These daunting statistics demand improvements in the agricultural industry’s use of resources and emphasize the priority that must be placed on sustainability for the well-being of humanity.

Through innovative, high-performance chemical solutions that enable better plant nutrition, crop protection, and seed care, Syensqo provides the food production industry with a wide range of tools to help conserve the precious resources of water, land, and energy.