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Enabling Cleaner, Safer, and More Energy-Efficient Automotive Solutions 

With over 40 years of expertise in automotive industry solutions, Syensqo's portfolio of advanced materials addresses the core needs of auto manufacturers to develop sustainable and efficient mobility systems. Syensqo provides high-performing solutions, extensive knowledge and exceptional customization to facilitate current and next-generation automotive applications. Our versatile product portfolio is designed for the latest automotive trends and enables improvements in key areas such as powertrain efficiency, electrification, lightweighting and green and clean technologies. 

Syensqo's composite materials and specialty polymers for automotive components are critical to creating lighter, safer and more efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. Other solutions include our catalytic converters, which minimize pollutant emissions and boost performance, and our range of UV stabilizers for enhanced durability profiles in sustainable automotive systems. We are committed to supporting our customers with innovative automotive solutions that contribute to cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient mobility. 

Areas of Expertise

Electric vehicle of the future - EV

Innovative Automotive Material Solutions for Advanced Mobility

Syensqo's sustainable material solutions for automotive, including specialty polymers, composite materials, catalytic converters and UV stabilizers, serve the complex needs of the ever-evolving automotive industry.

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