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Growth Strategy

Our strategy

Syensqo: Investing in a sustainable future

At Syensqo, our strategy is centered on creating advanced, sustainable solutions that help drive growth. Supported by our market-leading positions and underpinned by innovation leadership, we invest in science and in the future.

Our focus on scientific exploration enables us to deliver a diverse and distinguished portfolio of products and solutions. Syensqo is a leading provider in areas including specialty polymers for electric vehicles, lightweight materials for aerospace, and biosourced solvents and surfactants for consumer products


Building a better world

We have dedicated teams exploring solutions across a wide range of areas. This includes our key growth platforms: battery materials, green hydrogen, thermoplastic composites, and renewable materials and biotechnology. Our global team of experts are playing a significant role in decarbonizing our planet.


Leading the way with Innovation 

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. To thrive, we must innovate and invest in technologies and solutions that advance humanity while protecting the planet. We are collaborating with leading research facilities and biotech start-ups and hiring top scientific talent in modeling, Artificial Intelligence and automation. We’re also committed to introducing “circularity by design”, through the development of molecules that can be renewed or regenerated.


Prioritizing our customers

We put our customers’ wants and needs at the heart of our strategy, working closely with them to understand what they’re looking for and develop products that address their needs. By creating exceptional solutions together, we help companies successfully meet major challenges and grow their business in a way that's good for them and the planet.

Syensqo is uniquely positioned to help businesses around the world drive long-term sustainable growth. With 62 sites in 30 countries, we are where our customers are – across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We’re also ideally placed to design solutions that help drive positive change across areas ranging from sustainable sourcing to advanced connectivity.